LoveMyPet Diarrhea Relief

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LoveMyPet Diarrhea Relief


An herbal formula to relieve diarrhea, watery stool, gas, and bloating. LoveMyPet uses organic herbs as well as homeopathic ingredients in their unique, holistic remedies.

LoveMyPet’s formulator, Martha Benedict, began creating herbal mixtures for her children’s pets over twenty-five years ago. Today, the same degree of loving personal attention is infused into every LoveMyPet remedy. LoveMyPet is a product line for pets by Benedictine Healing Products LLC, a company with a 35-year lineage making holistic remedies for people. Martha was trained in China as an acupuncturist and herbalist, and has taken her extensive experience with people and adapted Benedictine’s herbal formulas for use with animals.

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LoveMyPet Diarrhea Relief

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